Spectral Technical Data

Vysis™ SpectrumFRed™, SpectrumRed™, SpectrumGold™, SpectrumOrange™, SpectrumGreen™, SpectrumAqua™, and SpectrumBlue™ Series Vysis'™ SpectrumFRed™, SpectrumRed™, SpectrumGold™, SpectrumOrange™, SpectrumGreen™, SpectrumAqua™, and SpectrumBlue™ Series Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH)* Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH)* Probes and Fluorescent Nucleotides Fluorescence Characteristics. 

VYSIS direct-labeled FISH* probes and fluor-labeled nucleotides have the following nominal fluorescence characteristics (all units in nanometers):

Probes Excitation Peak Excitation FWHM Emission Peak Emission FWHM
SpectrumFRed™ (far red) Probes 655 39 675 39
SpectrumRed™ Probes 592 35 612 51
SpectrumGold™ Probes 530 37 555 45
SpectrumOrange™ Probes 559 38 588 48
SpectrumGreen™1 Probes 497 30 524 56
SpectrumGreen™2 Probes 509 31 538 44
SpectrumAqua™ Probes 433 53 480 55
SpectrumBlue™ Probes 400 61 450 50
DAPI 367 61 452 92
Propium Iodide 543 74 614  


  • FWHM = full width of the spectral band at half of the peak intensity
  • DAPI = 4', 6-diamidino-2-phenylindole

Note: Vysis' SpectrumGreen™ products may be labeled with either SpectrumGreen1 or SpectrumGreen2 fluorophore. The excitation and emission of these fluorophores are not distinguishable under normal fluorescence viewing conditions but may be spectrally distinguishable using appropriate imaging and filter configurations. Please contact your Vysis technical service representative for more information.

*U.S. Patent # 5,447,841 exclusively licensed to Vysis by the University of California covers FISH with blocking DNA and unique sequence probes such as Vysis LSI® probes. Vysis LSI, CEP® and WCP® direct label fluroescence probes are covered by U.S. patent # 5,491,224. Vysis' multiple direct label probe products are covered by U.S. patent # 5,663,319.

LSI®, CEP® and WCP® are registered trademarks of Vysis, Inc. SpectrumRed™, SpectrumOrange™, SpectrumGreen™ , SpectrumAqua™ , SpectrumBlue™, and SpectrumGold™ are trademarks of Vysis, Inc.

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