Vysis FISH Chromosome Search Help Guide

Navigation Basics

In the Chromosome Search, all Vysis FISH products are organized according to chromosome and cytogenetic band location.

  1. Chromosome Index Dropdown. Select a chromosome number in the dropdown at the top of any page within the tool to change the ideogram and display all associated Vysis FISH products on the right.
  2. Chromosome Indicator. Each ideogram is depicted at 550 band resolution and is labeled with a chromosome number at the p and q arm (top to bottom).
  3. Cytogenetic Band Location. If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, you can hover over the product names on the right to highlight the cytogenetic band location on the ideogram with the color of the fluorophore.
  4. Detailed Product Information. Select the gray "Details" button (if shown) to leave the Chromosome Search tool and go to the detailed product information.
  5. FISH Probe and Product Information. Select the expand arrow or product name to expand the list of cytogenetic band locations, names, and fluorophores.
  6. Single Click Access to FISH Images and Probe Maps. Select the “view images” link to display probe maps and FISH images in a pop-up dialog without leaving the tool.


The example shown above can be found within the tool on Chromosome 3.
Products with Single Probes

This is the simplest product representation, containing only one probe.

  1. Select the "view image" link to open the specific probe map in a pop-up dialog.
The example shown above can be found within the tool on Chromosome 2.
Products with Multiple probes

The display depicts products with multiple probes, grouping the probes by vials.

  1. Select the "results of hybridization" link to view FISH images of the product in a pop-up dialog.
  2. Vial numbers indicate how products are packaged.
  3. If a product contains probes on other chromosomes, select the chromosome number or letter to go to that specific chromosome within the tool.
The example shown above can be found within the tool on Chromosome 18.
Single Probe Products: Multiple Fluorophores
  1. Hover over the different colors in the fluorophore column to change the highlight color on the ideogram.
The example shown above can be found within the tool on Chromosome 4.
Break Apart Probes
  1. The ideogram used for the Vysis FISH Chromosome Search is based on the 550 band resolution. Break apart probes have multiple probes targeted to the same locus within the same band. These probe arrangements are represented on the ideogram using vertical colored bands. 
  2. Select the "view images" link in the Probe Map column to see the specific configuration of each probe
The example shown above can be found within the tool on Chromosome 2.
Ordering Information

Ordering information is available for products in the Chromosome Search tool.

  1. Select the "Add to Cart" button to add a product to your shopping cart.
  2. Select the "Request Info" button to open pop-up dialog containing an information request form.
The example shown above can be found within the tool on Chromosome 18.

Have Questions?

If you have any further questions about the Vysis FISH Chromosome Search tool, please feel free to contact us.

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