The Abbott m2000 RealTime System is a highly flexible and proven solution featuring a broad menu of IVD assays:

  • Allowing consolidation of PCR testing on a single, reliable, high performance platform
  • Availability of Laboratory Defined Applications (LDA) 

The m2000 System gives today's labs the consistency and the confidence they need – all on a single platform. 

Real Advantages for Your Lab

The m2000 RealTime System incorporates a unique combination of leading science and enabling solutions.

Leading Science

  • RealTime assays provide proven accuracy, for reliable and accurate subtype and genotype detection 
  • Proprietary maxRatio data analysis eliminates subjective result review for improved confidence in patient results
  • Advanced automation that extends from primary tubes to patient results helps optimize efficiency and walk-away time
  • Innovative IT enhancements, which centralize all molecular data into one location, keeps you at the forefront of automation

Enabling Solutions

  • A comprehensive family of mSystem products enable flexible throughput options and allows you to improve turnaround time
  • Superior consolidation capabilities, including IVD assays, Laboratory Defined Applications (LDAs) and open-mode extraction protocols helps you meet your lab's specific needs
  • Leading-edge technologies provide cost-effective control strategies and improve ease of use
  • Proven platform reliability gives you added confidence in patient results

With smart system design, the m2000sp fully automates the extraction of nucleic acid from the specimen and performance PCR plate preparation.

Positive ID Barcode Reader

  • Enables full sample and reagent tracking
  • Ensures positive identification of barcode on sample tubes, controls and reagent carriers

Flexible Sample Processing

  • Utilizes primary or secondary barcoded tubes (11.5 –16 mm)
  • Processes calibrators and controls like samples
  • Custom tube/rack configuration for optimal hands off time

Load-And-Go Capability

  • Performs all system-related tasks without manual interaction, using the Liquid Handler and Robotic Manipulator Arms
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination

Output Deck

  • Maintains consistent PCR plate temperature, resulting in extended walkaway time

One Platform, Multiple Uses

  • Includes IVD assay extraction
  • Offers custom open-mode protocols for general purpose extraction

Custom Software

  • Utilizes intuitive and easy-to-use software
  • Provides French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese language translation

Smart System Design


m2000sp (medium throughput)

Fully automated sample preparation system, including master mix creation and 96-well PCR tray generation 





The m2000rt fully automates the amplification and detection of DNA, RNA, or TNA.

RealTime CMV
RealTime HIV-1 Quantitative
RealTime HBV
RealTime HCV
RealTime HCV Genotyping II
RealTime CT/NG
RealTime SARS-CoV-2 (EUA)


Total Width145 cm (57.1 in)
Total Height217.5 cm (85.6 in) instrument and cabinet
Total Depth79.4 cm (31.3 in)
Weight314.4 kg (693 lbs) instrument and cabinet
Power Source100-240 V


 Total Width 34 cm (13.4 in)
 Total Height 49 cm (19.3 in)
 Total Depth 45 cm (17.8 in)
 Weight 34.1 kg (75.2 lbs)
 Power Source 100-240 V

The m2000 offers more capabilities to streamline your lab operations with mPlus:

mPlus enables your lab to do more with less:

  • Extend the use of the amplification reagent
  • Customize your workflow to your sample arrival pattern
  • Reduce waste, costs and turnaround time
  • Perform new automatic inventory capabilities

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