BioView provides innovative automated cell imaging and analysis solutions for use in cytology, cytogenetics, hematology, pathology, and oncology laboratories.

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BioView application suite:

  • Amnio FISH (AneuVysion)
  • Bladder (UroVysion)
  • Breast  (PathVysion)
  • Cervical
  • Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)
  • Fluorescent Metaphase
  • Hematology
  • Karotyping
  • Lung (Vysis ALK)
  • Solid Tumors
  • Target FISH
  • Tissue Matching
  • Tissue Micro Array (TMA)
  • Urine Cytology  


Laboratory Efficiency Achieved With Bioview 
  Hematology   Tissue  UroVysion
 Slide setup (minutes)030
Unattended scan (minutes)3-8520
 Review and analysis (minutes)  5-10 5-10 10
 Report (minutes) 1 1 1
Operator time per sample (minutes)6-119-14 11


Man Using Bioview


Application Considerations

  • Operator control of the critical steps:
    • Selection of cells within tumor regions (tissue)
    • Review and approval of scan results (tissue/cell suspension)
  • Report generation containing all pertinent data
  • Standardization of analysis and results
  • Local and remote review/analysis for interpretation, consultation and training

See application details

   Bioview Encore  Bioview Duet 3  Bioview Allegro Plus  Bioview Accord Plus  Bioview Accord
Type of ScanningFully Automated  Semi-Automated
Fluorescent Microscope, Objectives & Filters+    
Oil Immersion Objectives For Automated Fluorescent Scanning+    
Slide Load Capacity Of Motorized StageUp to 100/200 Up to 50  Up to 8 Single Single
Integrated Automated 2D Barcode Reader +  Hand-held barcode reader (O) 
Integrated Automated Oil Dispenser O   - -
Fluorescent Light Source Standard light source (+) or Long-life Lamp (O)         
Bright Field Light Source O    
Digital Camera2048 x 2048 Monochrome or Color    
UPS  +    
Monitor24" LCD (+) or 22" Touch screen LCD (O)    
Works with SoloWeb+    
Supported Applications*
  • PathVysion, UroVysion, and some Hematology probes
  • Parallel tissue matching
  • TMA
  • Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe Kit   
  • Rare cells detection
  • Circulating tumor cells detection and characterizaton mRNA imaging and analysis  

*Accord configuration supports solid tumor FISH applications only

+   Included as standard equipment 
O  Optional, available at additional cost 
-    Not applicable


Tissue FISH

  • Automated FISH analysis for all probes hybridized to FFPE tissue sections
  • Supports matching between parallel tissue sections (Brightfield and Fluorescence)

Hematology FISH

  • Automated FISH analysis for all probes hybridized to Bone Marrow and Peripheral blood samples
  • BioView's Hematology application is FDA cleared (510k) and CE-marked 
  • Supports automatic evaluation of multiple regions hybridized with different probes on same slide (Panels)


  • Automated FISH analysis for urine specimens hybridized with UroVysion Kit
  • Automatic identification and exclusion of cell clumps and white blood cells

High Quality Imaging

BioView’s high quality imaging and optical components ensure superior imaging quality, reliability and ultimately more accurate results. They also provide professionals with clear, true, non-enhanced images on which they can perform a more precise analysis.  

  • Fully equipped Fluorescent microscope, including filters and objectives
  • Oil immersion objectives for more accurate, finely detailed images
  • Software controlled filter and objective swap according to the specific probe scanned
  • Software controlled focus that automatically captures multiple focal layers
  • Sensitive, high resolution digital camera


 BioView Automated System